When we think of Paleo exercises, we come up with all kinds of plans on how, when and where. But for our primal ancestors thousands of years ago, exercising was not something that they had to think about. This is because it was part of their daily routine. People of the past had to strain their bodies every day to find food, build a shelter or just to survive their environments.

With the help of Paleo exercise program, you can also follow a routine just the same as what our ancestors did many years ago.

Move More but at a Slow Pace

Much of the day in the life of a caveman was spent walking around looking for food and moving to new places. If you follow a Paleo diet, you should take a page out of their book and move as much as you can throughout the day. Doing low aerobic movements daily will help build durable bones, joints, tissues and blood vessels eventually.

A couple of easy ways you can do this kind of activity is by riding a bike or walking to places near you. You can start by parking your car as far away from your destination as you can and then just walk to where you need to be. Instead of taking the elevator, use the stairs. You can also go hiking or swimming during the weekends if you’re up to it.

Sprint Every Now and Then

Paleo people of old didn’t spend hours just exercising, and you shouldn’t either. During the Paleolithic era, survival meant outrunning and outmaneuvering wild animals, either to hunt or to get away from them. Cavemen would only work hard when it was needed of them.

You can start practicing high intensity interval workouts or HIIT which include sprints. When you sprint, keep in mind that this should be an all-out effort on your part. Take deep breaths every couple of minutes and then repeat the sprints.

Lift Heavy Objects

Similar to how cavemen sprinted whenever it was needed, they also used quick bursts of energy when they had to move heavy objects from one place to the other. Large logs or rocks had to be moved to create a shelter for the time being. Carrying heavy animals on their backs and firewood was part of their way of survival. Paleo exercises should be a part of ours too!

Some of the best movements that you can apply when heavy lifting is lunging squatting, pull-ups, push-ups and deadlifting. Such primitive acts of movement are all functional and natural exercises that have been used even by the cavemen themselves.