For people following the Paleo diet, grass-fed meat is a healthier choice compared to the regular grain-fed meat that can be found easily. Despite their price, grass-fed meat is more costly including free-range poultry. If you are unable to afford buying pastured, grass-fed and wild sources of meat for the Paleo practice wouldn’t it be great to know that there are alternatives?

So to help people who are struggling with finding grass-fed meat regularly or simply have to budget their weekly expenses, check out the meats below which have been ranked according from best to worst.

Grass-Fed Beef, Bison or Lamb Organ Meats

Meats that come from organs are packed densely with nearly every type of vitamin and mineral. This is especially true if it comes from an animal that ate grass their whole life because of the healthy fat content.

Besides that, organ meat is often cheaper compared to muscle meat. The ideal consumption rate for organ meat should be at least twice a week. For wild game that is herbivores, organ meat from animals such as caribou also falls in this category and is good for you.

Fish Caught in the Wild

If you love fishing or a cheaper alternative, wild-caught fish that is filled with good fatty nutrients should be eaten at least three times a week. This category can include sources that are much cheaper such as wild-caught salmon and sardines that are canned. You can also buy frozen wild-caught salmon that is quite inexpensive as well. It is possible to dine on salmon without spending much during the late summer and early fall seasons.

Grass-Fed Beef, Bison, Venison, Lamb or Goat

Ground meat can often be found as the cheapest meats around. There are many local farmers that sell them between an 8th to an entire animal at affordable rates. You should ask around and see where you can purchase these types of meat without spending a lot.

Wild Game

People who love to hunt can get their Paleo-approved game meats this way. It is an affordable way to have fun while fulfilling your nutritional needs. If you aren’t into hunting, you can always buy wild game from local hunters or from shops.

Farmed White Fish

Even if they are farmed, you can find white fish that are quite lean when eaten. Cod and Tilapia are amazing and affordable types of fish that you can get. They are also rich in vitamins and nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy.