For people who love to garden, planting a wide range of fruits and veggies can be quite overwhelming when there are limitless seed options to choose from. But you don’t have to fret. Here we have provided you with a list of the top fruits and vegetables that you need to have in your Paleo garden.

Zucchini – This is one of the top plants that you can grow easily in your garden. Together with the nutrition that you can get from this veggie, they make for an ideal choice to add to your Paleo dishes. Keep in mind that the roots of Zucchinis need to be constantly moist. Other than that, this plant is quite easy to grow and maintain overall.

Watermelons and Cantaloupes – Cantaloupes can get really juicy especially if you give them 4 months of straight hot and dry weather. Aside from that, cantaloupes are said to grow even better if you place them in a wine barrel or container that is at least 18 inches deep. Space is important for this fruit. A great alternative if you can’t have cantaloupes would be watermelon. Although it would need some space, it doesn’t have to be grown in a container to give you the best results.

Cucumbers – There are a lot of ways you can enjoy cucumbers, so having this plant in your garden is a must. They are great for salads, deviled eggs, and soups. Put around 5-6 seeds in hills that are about 7 inches high and spacing of 3-6 feet apart.

Cilantro – Plant some cilantro seeds in your Paleo garden so you can expect to have an amazing dose of flavor that you can add to any dish once fully grown. Salsas and guacamole are the two things that you can use cilantro for. This plant can grow quickly that is why it is important that you plant these seeds every two weeks so you can always have cilantro for your meals

Tomatoes – This plant is great because even if you only have 6 of these in your garden, you can easily provide for a family of 4 persons. They are best eaten fresh or use them for sauces or preserved in cans for later. All kinds of tomatoes are good for a Paleo garden, but two of the easiest and most versatile would be slicing and cherry tomatoes

Peppers – These plants are nice to have in almost any Paleo dish as it just makes a perfect addition to meals. Peppers can be mild, hot, spicy or even sweet so all of the taste buds would certainly be tickled. Aside from that, peppers are quite easy to grow all year round.

Basil – Lastly, this plant is a great addition because the leaves it produces offer amazing flavor. Make sure that you pinch them before while they are young and to make sure that flower blooming is halted. Once it starts to flower, the basil plant will no longer produce those tasty leaves.

The plants that are mentioned in this article start off best as seeds. Once you purchase these plants and put them in your nursery, make sure that all of the pests are taken cared of right away. Buying nursery-grown plants usually have pests that come with them, so it is best to get rid of them naturally.