Are you thinking of going the Paleo diet for 2018? Check out these steps below on how you can prepare yourself for this new way of life the new year.

Identify Reasons Why You Decide to Go Paleo

Learning the reasons why you want to go Paleo is essential in the first step in following this new lifestyle. This is because having reasons, both personal and an understanding of the science behind this diet, are going to help you move forward when you’re having a rough time sticking to it.

Start with your personal motivations – whether you’re doing it for weight loss, reduced cancer risks, managing diabetes or mitigating autoimmune disease. Maybe you want to experience a diet that gives you more energy to do more things, or you want to improve your performance as an athlete. Writing these down on a piece of paper and putting it somewhere you can see easily will help remind you why you’re doing it.

Understanding the How

Paleo is being defined by many people all over the web, but not all of them recommend a diet that is nutrient-dense and is actually nourishing for the body. You can set yourself up for success when you follow this type of diet by understanding the true definition of Paleo.

Be careful of personalities, books, and blogs that recommend going through extreme approaches in their dietary transition. There are some cases however where it may be warranted to undergo a 30-day elimination period especially when treating certain conditions.

Follow the Science Behind Habit Formation

Experts suggest taking an approach to forming habits when shifting to the Paleo diet. The reason behind this is that this approach is more tangible, sustainable and achievable instead of saying “I want to exercise more” or “I want to lose weight.” Following this kind of approach is especially useful at the start of the year.

Make a Plan

If you want to become successful in your Paleo diet, it is important that you plan all of your meals every day and on a weekly basis. Having a plan in place means that you are making sure that the right amount of nutrients are included in your diet, and you’re not simply relying on foods that are convenient. Furthermore, it would be even more helpful to avoid buying takeout foods as it can help in your diet planning and save you money too!

Restock Your Pantry with Higher Quality Choices

Changing gradually is best for some people. This may mean slowly working your way up to what you have in your pantry or fridge while you focus on ingredients that are more nutrient-dense. Eventually, you can start pushing out foods that are non-Paleo, and that’s great!

But for some people, doing a cold-turkey approach is even more effective. This may mean dumping or giving away all of the non-Paleo food we have in our pantry and start everything fresh.

By pausing to reflect on the tips provided in this post, you might be able to make the shift to a Paleo diet this 2018 a lot easier. Here’s hoping for your success!