You’re probably aware by now that the good fats don’t make us fat at all and that saturated fats are within the “good fat” category. As a matter of fact, these fats make us happy, and for Paleo diet followers, it is our main source of energy.

Our bodies are capable of running primarily on fat as a source of energy. When it does this, it can produce ketone bodies which are very healthy for us. However, we might forget about the options of good fats available to us to cook with over time. We might be using the same stuff over and over. Although this isn’t a problem, a little bit of diversity can still go a long way to enjoying meals.

Here are three fats that are perfectly healthy for you and that you can start using right away in your Paleo diet.

Coconut Oil

In the Paleo world, coconut oil is a favorite of many. In fact, all products from the coconut are well-liked for many following a Paleo diet because of its numerous benefits. Coconut oil is composed of 92% saturated fat, making it quite stable under heat and solid at room temperature. If you choose to buy virgin coconut oil, this will leave an amazing yet subtle coconut taste and smell to all your dishes.

The main fatty acid content it has comes from lauric acid, which is a rare medium-chain fatty acid. It is supposed to be the easiest fatty acid to digest too. Aside from that, lauric acid is known for its antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

Animal Fats

These are the essence of the Paleo diet. Cavemen ate animals a lot, and their energy comes from the fat from these sources. Of course, the animals they ate during those time were healthy and lived in nature eating what they’re supposed to. This is crucial because once toxins accumulate in the body, it will be stored in the fat. Now you wouldn’t want to eat something that has toxins, right?

Most of these animal fats are highly saturated, and so are heat stable to cook at high temperatures. They are solid at room temperature, doesn’t need to be refrigerated and they are pretty cheap as well. Simply go to your butcher and as for pork lard, beef tallow or duck fat.

Butter and Ghee

Butter is great on anything, and it also adds a nutty taste that is quite interesting. Although it’s not strictly Paleo, once the milk constituents have been removed, you get a fat which is highly saturated, full of CLA and is very delicious. CLA or conjugated linoleic acid is believed by many to have strong anti-cancer properties.

Meanwhile, people who are sensitive to dairy or just want to be on the safe side can choose ghee instead. Ghee is clarified butter and should not cause any problem since all milk constituents in it have been removed. It is possible to make this yourself by melting butter in a pan until you see the white portions fall to the bottom. You can then strain this through a cheesecloth to keep only the pure, healthy fat.