We have all come upon a lot of conflicting info on what truly constitutes a healthy diet. The Paleo diet approach is one of the emerging dietary philosophies that is here to stay. It has been changing many lives and promoting fresh, whole and real food to people for years.

Here are the top 10 benefits that have been scientifically proven with regards to eating Paleo.

1. Ongoing Weight Loss

For many people, this is one of the top priorities and benefits that they can get from a good diet. Since it removes processed foods, the Paleo diet drastically reduces the carb intake which helps in fueling weight loss. Furthermore, studies have proven that the diet is not simply about losing weight once, but rather a sustained process.

2. Fewer Hunger Pangs

Many of us find being hungry a common complaint. The cereals that we’re used to eating in the morning aren’t filling us up, and so we are immediately hungry a few hours after breakfast. You may have found yourself standing at the fridge in the middle of the night looking for something to eat. An amazing benefit in the Paleo diet is its satiety. In a nutshell, this means you will feel more satisfied with your meal instead of having frequent cravings for food after.

3. Reduced Inflammation

Rich in healthy nutrient dense foods and healthy fats, the Paleo diet encourages a high intake of nutrients including the correct ratio of fatty acids and Omega 3. The great thing about having the proper ratio of Omega 3 is that your body will experience reduced inflammation. Left unchecked, these inflammatory processes can become prevalent and lead to diseases such as peptic ulcers and atherosclerosis.

4. Better Blood Sugar Levels

Studies have revealed that a Paleo lifestyle halts the advancement of insulin resistance while also preventing Diabetes. For people already diagnosed with Diabetes, this type of diet can stop its progression. This means that you may eventually be able to stop using your medications since you will be effectively controlling the sugar levels in your blood.

5. Improved Immune System

One of the best benefits of eating a fruit and vegetable-rich diet is that this boosts your immune system. This means your body will be better at fighting off viruses and germs much more effectively than others who eat poorly.

6. Better Lipid Profiles

Several studies have proven that the Paleo diet greatly enhances lipid profiles in people. This means that there is less risk of heart disease for people following this healthy diet. Researchers have recorded the increase of good cholesterol and the crease of bad cholesterol in Paleo diet followers.

7. Better Digestive System

Since you’re automatically cutting off the consumption of wheat products, you are essentially following a gluten-free diet. There has been much evidence suggesting that gluten is bad for the digestive system. You will feel better all-around when you cut down on consuming gluten-rich foods.

8. Leaner Muscles

As the Paleo diet relies more on meat, you will be getting the right amounts of protein to fuel your muscles. This will help in promoting a leaner physique, which is great for people that want to gain muscles from weight lifting.

9. Easy to Follow

Unlike most diet practices, where you need to count how many carbs you consume in a day, the Paleo diet is relatively easy and simple to follow. It is a lot more fun to stick to the Paleo plan because of the lack of limitations and rules to how much you should consume.

10. Better Sleep

Since you will be cutting out additives and chemicals typically found in common food sources, your body will naturally feel tired at night. The serotonin signal which informs your brain that it is time to sleep is not impeded by other chemicals from food. You will get better sleep at night and feel more energized when you wake up with a Paleo diet.